Aviation MRO Consumable & Expendable Supplies & Services :


We are the authorized distributor of most consumable products required for the aircraft maintenance at the MRO facilities and Line maintenance. We carry a good inventory on wide range of consumables that includes Hand Tools, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Tools, Electrical Tools, Hex Bits, Greases, Adhesives, Chemicals, Brown Paper, Carpet Protector, Brushes, Hydraulic fluids, Torque Seal Paint, Grease Guns, Lubricants, Penetrants, Sealants, Masking Tapes, Drill Bits, VPCi, Safety products, Tissue papers, Aircraft cleaning brushes, Aircraft toilet cleaners, PPE Product, Eye wash station, Cotton lint free towels, Fogging machines, Marshall Kit and many more.
We are approved fabricators for explosive proof cabinets with class IV Certification for the safety shop.
Our expertise is in sourcing hard to find items globally and supply a minimum down time. 

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